10.11.08 West Park Winery Erin & Angelo


Could the weather have been any more perfect for a West Park wedding?


The guests gathered on Deer Ridge for the ceremony, allowing them to take in the golds, reds, and rustic oranges of the leaves in the river valley below. The groomsmen, dressed in dark brown suits, ivory shirts and green paisley ties, held the four corners of the birch chuppah.

The Reverend Puja Thomson, dressed in a flowing purple dress and green shawl, welcomed the guests with her lilting Scottish accent and rang the Tibetan singing bowl to begin the ceremony.

Erin, stunning in her lace gown, strode across the lawn on her father’s arm toward the chuppah and Angelo waiting underneath. He smiled at her, blinking back tears, as Jeff performed his original piece “Union.”

The air grew cool as the sun set over the hill and the guests meandered down to the cocktail hour and reception under the tent below. Each table was decorated with a single sunflower in a vase, and instead of a traditional wedding cake, the couple had four tiers of sunflower-topped cupcakes beside their sweetheart table.

Erin and Angelo chose specific songs for each member of their bridal party, then strutted in to “This Is Why I’m Hot” by Mims. The danced around each other with passionate, sensual energy, the physicality of a personal trainer (him) and a gymnast and triathlete (her.)


We delved into classic funk and disco hits, a bit of reggae and meringue, along with some new hip hop favorites. But the highlight of the night was Angelo’s performance of “Let’s Get It On” accompanied by one of his band mates on guitar. All night he had shooed off his mother’s urges to sing, playing it off as if he was shy. Then…WHAM! He was pure Marvin Gaye, working that mic like a pro.


West Park Winery

Officiant Reverend Puja Thomson

Photos by Matt Petricone

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