10.17.08 Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel Colleen & Jeff

I knew Colleen and Jeff from my days working at All Sport Poughkeepsie (the place they met!) so when we saw them at the Poughkeepsie Grand Bridal Expo and found out they were getting married…I decided this was a wedding we HAD to be a part of.

The couple surrounded themselves with familiar faces, and not just us. Judge Elia from Highland, who Jeff knew from his work as a police officer and was also a friend of the family, joked before the ceremony, “It’s nice to see Jeff without so many handcuffs.”

The bridesmaids were dressed in red, the favorite for autumn weddings, and they carried bouquets of yellow and orange tiger lilies. The guys had roses on their lapels.

The ceremony was short and sweet, accompanied by classical music selections from Handel, Mozart, and Paschebel.

It was great to see our friends Samantha and Scott, both in the couple’s bridal party, also from the All Sport crowd, whose wedding we did in the very same Regency ballroom at the Grand Hotel three years ago. “It’s just like my wedding,” Scott dead panned. “Except this time, I don’t have to pay for it.”

It was great reliving those memories with Samantha and Scott. We made new ones, watching the young guys in black with white ties and fedoras dancing with Colleen’s grandmother. It was a lively group, a fitting tribute to another successful workplace romance.

Did you know I have a “thing” for love at work? Could be because Jeff and I met working at IBM over twelve years ago…

Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel

Photos by Myles Studio

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