10.3.08 Grandview Annie & Matt

It was a lovely fall themed wedding in the Grandview ballroom.

Woven pumpkin baskets with candles inside were surrounded by red and orange flowers at each table. Even the cake had orange and red variegated roses on top and was decorated with red berries. The bridesmaids wore cranberry dresses.

Annie looked like a princess in her tiara and a beautiful silver and diamond necklace with matching earrings. I introduced Annie and Matt over the feedback of guitar at the beginning of “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf, timed to hit the music just as they stepped into the room.

They danced to “In My Life” by the Beatles alone, then we slammed into “Hey Yah!” by Outkast to have everyone join. It was a GREAT way to set the partying tone.

Since the day Matt and Annie had chosen for their wedding was also Matt’s grandparents’ anniversary, they had a blown up black and white photograph of his grandparents behind their sweetheart table. The couple dedicated the song “Let Me Be Your Sweetheart” by Bing Crosby to them in honor of their 60th anniversary. We watched as they swayed slowly to the music, smiling proudly at the guests. They made it about half way through the song before they tired out and everyone was touched.

Matt’s grandmother told us the story of how she met Frank Sinatra. Sinatra was only in his twenties at the time when she heard him sing at The Sands. After the show he signed her ticket.

“I LOVE Frank Sinatra. There will never be another Sinatra. Never forget Frank Sinatra. Never!” she told Jeff.

We ended the night with a double shot of Frankie, “for Sinatra’s number one fan, Matt’s grandmother.” She pulled a chair up in front of our speaker to listen to him sing, just for her, as she rocked to the music.


Photos – Nora Balansian

Video – Bob Gellar

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