1.10.09 Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel Kara & Alan

The snow started falling just as Kara and Alan’s guests took their seats in the Regency ballroom of the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel.  The tables were draped in red linen and a Christmas tree stood in the corner, adding to the cozy holiday ambiance.

The bridal party was introduced to “Heavy Action,” also known as the theme for Monday Night Football. (I’m sensing that Alan had something to do with that choice…)  We met Kara and Alan for the first time that wedding day, but the love between them was obvious right away.  They shared an intimate First Dance together as husband and wife, trading shy smiles, as they danced to “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flats.

The bridesmaids were dressed in red, carrying white rose bouquets, and Kara’s strapless gown had a matching red sash about the waist.  I loved the splash of holiday color added to her winter wonderland wedding.

Since Kara and Alan met line dancing, it was only natural that they should celebrate their line dancing prowess on their wedding day.  The newlyweds led a partners’ dance to “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” and taught their guests how to line dance to “Footloose.”  But the group dancing didn’t end there.  Guests packed the floor for the Cha Cha Slide, the Electric Slide, and coaxed everyone up to join a conga line to “C’mon Ride It.”

Now, I’ve seen a few bouquet and garter toss shenanigans in my time as a Hudson Valley DJ, but Kara and Alan’s wedding was a first.  Alan tossed the garter to the waiting single guys behind him.  The garter went up…and didn’t come down.  The guys looked around helplessly.  He’d thrown it so high and at just such an angle that it landed on top of one of the supports in the ceiling!  It lodged there until Chris, the banquet manager, climbed a ladder to fish it out, while the guests danced around him.

The snow fell harder and faster throughout the reception, and still the guests danced.

We worked with Kelley and Todd Whitaker, a husband-wife photographer team from Connecticut.  They were wonderful; silently capturing the memories while the newlyweds and their guests had the time of their lives.   Having another loving couple actively involved in the wedding day really does cast a glow over the entire celebration.  Of course, I’m just a girl who’s grateful she gets to work with her best friend.  *grin*

Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel

Photos by Kelley & Todd Whitaker

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