11.29.08 Dutchess Manor Katie & Matt

The newly renovated room at the Dutchess Manor was all beautiful Victorian elegance, golden drapes, autumn wreathes on hung from windows overlooking the Hudson River. Arrangements of cream roses and white daisies graced the tables.

The bridal party danced into their introduction song, “Soul Bossa Nova” better known as the Austin Powers movie theme. Yeah, baby!

As the music of Styx’s “Mr. Roboto” began, Katie waltzed into the ballroom first, a smile on her lips. Matt danced in behind her with his best “robot” moves, arms swinging at the hinge of his elbows.

Katie’s Maid of Honor proposed a toast. “Those of you who know Katie know that she is not a gusher.” Many of the guests nodded their heads in agreement and Katie blushed. “But after she met Matt, Katie gushed. She described Matt—and these are her exact words—as a cross between Harry Potter and Tom Cruise.”

The dance floor saw a lot of unusual action that night, starting with Matt’s robot and including one of the groomsmen pantomiming and lip-synching the words to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer,” waving his fingers over his eyes and gazing to the sky.

Matt and his friends sang their hearts out to a cover of “Fields of Athenrye” by Scynthian, and we ended the night with Don McLean’s “American Pie,” as each guest joined arm and arm in a circle, swaying and singing along.

Dutchess Manor

Photos by Billy Joe Hoyle

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