12.14.08 Grandview Culinary Institute Holiday Party

The Grandview was decorated to the hilt with spruce trees decorated with gold ornaments and garlands, white lights, wreaths and poinsettas.

With over 600 guests at the Culinary Institute‘s Holiday Party, this was the largest group we’d ever played for.  They took over the entire ballroom of the Grandview, which holds up to 500 guests, along with the bar and cocktail room with the river view.

As impressive as gazing out at so many faces was the FOOD.  The Culinary chefs and students took over the kitchen to prepare a buffet station feast that literally lasted hours.  Guests mingled, drank and chatted while they munched gourmet turkey roulade and salmon, to name a few.

Jeff and I were finally able to steer the guests’ attention away from the fabulous food (not without some degree of difficulty!) and the dancing began.  Our music was all over the map, as diverse as the guests, from oldies rock to old school to disco funk and eighties to country and reggaeton.

Whew!  I’m still tired.

But our greatest pleasure was visiting with two of our past couples, Becky and Kenny who had their reception at the Grandview on the magical 7/7/07 date and Mary and Scott who partied at the Grand Hotel only a few months ago.  It’s so good to see our couples enjoying marital bliss!

There were many other familiar Poughkeepsie faces in the crowd.  It is with a touch of sadness that we said goodbye to our friends at the Grandview as we won’t be back until our next event there in April of 2009.

Unless you invite us back for a special occasion…*hint, hint*


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