2.7.09 Villa Borghese Chelsea Yacht Club Commodore's Ball

Last Saturday it was our pleasure to celebrate with the members Chelsea Yacht Club for their annual Commodore’s Ball at the Villa Borghese.

We partied with them for the first time last year, and we had a BLAST.

This is one of the nicest, most fun-loving groups in the Hudson Valley…like a family only without the “drama”…and they are NOT shy about dancing!

The festivities began with the formal introduction of the newly appointed Commodore Sharon Herring and her husband to “Rock the Boat” by Hues Corporation.  (That’s a little subtle nautical humor, in case you didn’t catch it.  Jeff actually admits owning– and loving–the 45 way back when.)

The Commodore’s five grandchildren were in attendance to receive their Junior Youth Sailing awards, and it was a pleasure to witness the next generation of Hudson Valley sailors coming up the ranks.

Did I mention that these folks can dance?

We played rhumbas, waltzes, foxtrots, cha chas and even a tango!  One distinguished gentleman tangoed with is lovely wife, a flower in his teeth, rewarded by the enthusiastic applause of the guests.

One of my favorite moments was watching the younger guests learn “The Stroll” line dance from those members of the CYC who learned to love it in the 50’s.  It’s a slow, shambling sort of line dance.  Jeff says it reminds him of Night of the Living Dead…then again, watching too many zombie movies has poisoned his mind.

Greeting our friends at the Villa Borghese in mid-winter was a pleasure.  Gotta make sure none of us get rusty!

Wedding season will be upon us soon enough…and SPRING!

Villa Borghese

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