4 Tips For A Stress Free Hudson Valley Wedding Day


Where will you get ready on your wedding day?

With all the hours you’ll spend planning the tiniest details of your wedding…from the colors and flowers to the soles of your shoes and the polish on your nails…this is one question that often doesn’t get the consideration it deserves.

Why is it so important to think about where you’ll get ready on your wedding day?

Well, according to my photographer friend, Vivian Lanzarone, the environment you get ready in sets the tone for your entire wedding day.  Start out calm and serene–you’ll be glowing and relaxed the whole day.  But if you start out agitated and stressed, that negative energy can hang over you like a cloud.

Think about this scenario:

You decide to get ready at your house.  You wake up feeling excited and maybe a little nervous about your day.  You get up…and your bridesmaids arrive.  They immediately start rummaging through the house looking for hair spray and bobby pins and coffee…yelling out questions every five minutes.  Meanwhile, your makeup artist and hair stylist show up and start getting you ready, but you keep getting interrupted because you have to play hostess to their needs.

On top of that, your visiting family pops in for breakfast.  Then your photographer shows up to take photos of you getting ready.  The girls have dumped their stuff all over the place, the house is a cluttered mess, and you’re going crazy.

Space in Highland, NY

Kathy & Bob kissing in Space

Seeing this chaotic wedding day scenario play out again and again inspired Vivian to create Space, a studio/living room/bistro designed with a bride in mind.  It’s the perfect place for you and your bridal party to escape the craziness as you get ready for one of the most important days of your life.

As you can see from these photos, Space has lots of natural light, neutral colors, and simple decor…necessities for great pictures.  Vivian urges you to create a peaceful, quiet environment to get ready in so that you can start your day out right.

Space is an ideal environment for getting ready on your wedding day.  I wish I was getting married again, just so that I could hang out there!  It’s relaxing, peaceful, and really romantic for a photo shoot.

But even if you aren’t getting ready in Space, here are some tips to make your wedding day stress-free.

1) Choose the place you’ll get ready in carefully.  Ideally, it should be a quiet space outside your home (to avoid distraction) with lots of natural light, neutral colors, and simple decor.

2) Choose the brightest room in that location to get ready in.  Natural light and muted colors will complement and accentuate your gown in the photographs.

3) Clean and de-clutter the space BEFORE your wedding day, so that you can relax and be pampered on the day of the wedding.

4) Ask your photographer’s opinion beforehand if you aren’t sure whether your home has enough light or the right decor for great photographs.

Space with uplighting in Highland, NY

Here is space at night in cool uplighting.  Jeff and I will be hosting our Guitar Parlor fundraiser here next month.  I can’t wait!

(All photos courtesy of Vivian Photography.)

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