4.17.09 Plumbush Inn Michelle & Eric


Michelle and Eric set a fun, quirky tone for their wedding reception immediately when they were introduced, while mock boxing, to the theme song from Rocky.

They chose the perfect song for their first dance, “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, from the movie Once about the romance between Irish and Czech lovers that they saw together on their third date.  Perfect because Michelle is Irish and Eric is Czech.  The first time I heard this beautiful song I hijacked Jeff and made him listen to it immediately.

The newlyweds handed me last minute love letters written to each other, Michelle’s mentioning how she looked forward to “fighting over the walker when they were 90 years old.”

There was no mistaking the couple’s personality in every moment of the wedding.  With Irish waltzes and traditional Czech songs, the White Stripes and lots and lots of the Beatles, it was clear how important music is to Michelle, Eric and their family of musicians.  I won’t embarrass anyone in particular (Michelle’s brother Johnny the dance floor ham) by recounting who broke it down to “You Should Be Dancing” and “Billie Jean” with particular zest.

I enjoyed giving the guests a brief summary of the bouquet and garter tradition at the request of Michelle, the history buff…although it’s safe to say the single ladies were more interested in scratching and clawing after the bouquet than in my little history lesson.


Michelle’s grandfather sang the Irish Wedding Song a capella for the newlyweds, his weathered hands trembling as the read the sheet of lyrics he had carefully prepared.  His lovely, warbling tenor brought Ireland into the ballroom of the Plum Bush, with Michelle and Eric smiled and leaned into each other as they listened.

Though Jeff and I finished our night at the Plum Bush, the party moved on to the Cold Spring Depot where the family musicians would entertain themselves for the rest of the night.  Judging by the energy in the room, I’m betting they shut the bar down!

Plumbush Inn

Photos by Lori O’Toole Images

Video by Jason Barbosa

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