4.25.09 Round Hill House Corey & Ryan


Once again, Round Hill House in Washingtonville proved a phenomenal location for a unique wedding and an absolute throw down party.  The mansion’s eclectic Greek Renaissance style and the gorgeous gardens…not to mention FEAST’s gourmet catering…make it one of our favorite wedding locations in the Hudson Valley.


Corey and Ryan were planning their wedding from Maryland, so Jeff and I meet them until their wedding day.  But after months of emails and phone calls (not to mention visits to their wedding website!) it felt like we were already friends.

The room was fairly bursting with love and excitement when Corey and Ryan, his arms raised in triumph and egging on the crowd, were introduced to “Sexx Laws” by Beck.  And then I read the love letters they had written for each other.


Both told the story of how Ryan, in a Transformers T-shirt and plaid shorts, had “stalked” Corey on the train and uttered, “the most incredible cliche of his life: Is this seat taken?”  At that moment, their fate was sealed and five years later they were husband and wife.


Their first song, “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds, incomparably sweet:

The love didn’t stop with those letters.  Corey and Ryan had chosen their closest family to be in the bridal party.  Ryan’s father was his Best Man.  His voices quivered as he ended his speech, “Ryan, since you were born, you’ve always been the best man.”

Corey’s brother, Pete, finished the toasts by listing relating the teasing he’d received at being his sister’s Man of Honor: “What color are you going to paint your nails, Pete?”  “Have you picked out your dress?”  “Does this mean you have to dance with Ryan’s dad?” and ending with a heartfelt thanks at the honor of being chosen for the special role.

WEDDING DETAILS: The wedding colors were bold blue and white.  A pile of wrapped gift boxes in white and blue were stacked to hold the envelopes.  The centerpieces were glass vases set into a bed of blue and white marbles, filled with blue and white flowers and floating candles.  The groom and best man wore white suits with blue vests to match the wedding colors and the flowers in Corey’s bouquet.


The music spanned the decades, making stops at M.C. Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” for a memorable choreographed dance performed by one guest, and “She’s a Lady” by Tom Jones, the song that wasn’t played at the wedding where Corey and Ryan met.

Here’s a view of the conga line that formed in the Round Hill’s atrium…and traveled throughout the ballroom, courtesy of John Supple, who shared all these great photos with us.


And another one of our couples, Erica and Eric, got a preview of our performance before their wedding next month.  (Side note: if you need a pet sitter, Erica is awesome!  She charmed our finicky cats and ghetto dogs like a pro…and left us detailed notes on their adventures while we were gone.)

This was an unbelievable party that could have continued for another hour at least…and likely did back at the hotel.


Congratulations, Corey and Ryan!

Round Hill House

Photos by John Supple

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