5.16.09 West Park Winery Sabrina & Scott


Sabrina and Scott’s wedding was a mix of fire and water, passion and leisure, that kept guests enlivened and entertained with the ebb and flow of energy.

When Jeff and I arrived for set up, the couple and bridal party were enjoying a photo shoot with photographer Dawna Cservak against the backdrop of the rustic winery and the stone foundation beside it.  Sabrina shrieked to see us, bubbling with excitement over the party to come.

Sabrina and Scott were introduced into the winery with a dramatic entrance down the stairs, and I read the poem Scott had written and read to Sabrina as a part of his proposal on their surprise ski trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  He recollected their chance encounter in a bar, their move to New York City, the transformation “from renters to buyers, to cleaning the drain with an old pair of pliers.”


The couple danced to this sweet cover of “In My Life” by Allison Crowe.

The poetry continued with the Best Man’s speech, a humorous account of Sabrina and Scott’s relationship, the union of a Chilean activist/animal lover with an American sports fanatic/commercial banker.  He spoke of Scott’s transformation from “keggers” to “Chilean wine” and so many pithy references (most of them good-hearted jabs at Scott) that I wish I had recorded them!

After a leisurely dinner in the tent, the guests returned inside the winery for Sabrina’s dance with her father.  They led everyone in a ceuca, the national dance of Chile re-enacting the courting ritual of the rooster and the hen; the male being enthusiastic and somewhat aggressive in pursuit of the demure female.  Before long, guests American and Chilean alike where strutting the dance floor waving kerchiefs in the air.


Fireworks on the hillside celebrated Scott and Sabrina’s marriage after the cake, then back inside to rock the dance floor with Beyonce, Shakira and Lady Gaga.  Sabrina danced non-stop…just like she promised.


Not even the torrential downpour that opened up on Jeff and me just as we were loading out could knock the smile off my face on the way home.


West Park Winery

Photos by Dawna Cservak

Cake by La Deliziosa

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