5.30.09 Dutchess Manor Jessica & Dean


The newly renovated ballroom at the Dutchess Manor was the perfect compliment for Jessica and Dean’s wedding.  The bridesmaids’ pale yellow dresses, yellow roses accented with purple (Jess’ favorite color) and the gorgeous multi-color bouquets really popped.

We met Jessica and Dean a few months ago and I knew they would have type of love fest wedding we like best.  They brought their baby daughter, Mya, who giggled and smiled at our goofy pitbull during the entire meeting.


Jessica and Dean were introduced to “Welcome To the Jungle” by Guns ‘N Roses, a head bangin’ start to the evening.  When they danced to “Heaven,” the piano version by DJ Sammy, they held each other’s gaze with that dreamy smile that says, “I can’t believe we’re here, and I am so happy it’s you.”

It’s true, the month before the wedding took the newlyweds on an emotional rollercoaster: illness, the passing of a loved one.  But at the wedding the couple’s bond with their guests was even stronger.  There was so much love in the room, so much genuine gratitude and appreciation for each other, that I was moved to tears more than once.


It was the Best Man’s speech that really got me.  He talked about how for years he’d taken it for granted that all families and friends were as close as theirs.  But now he knew how lucky he was to be there, in that moment, with his loved ones who weren’t afraid to let it show.  Brian also revealed other things he knew, such as, “I know that Jess gives high fives really hard…and I know that Dean yells at the guys on the video games, even though he’s the one controlling them…and I know that Mya is damn cute…”

If you’ve ever gotta propose a toast, remember this: heart felt words (and tears) combined with humor is a winning combination every time.

I was really in love with the flowers at this wedding.  The cake was decorated with fuschia roses and delicate orchids.  Jess even tossed a “fortune bouquet,” something I’d never seen before.  The bouquet was made up of small bunches of yellow daisies that burst apart when thrown so that each single lady could take home a flower, and attached to each mini-bouquet was a love fortune note.  A lovely twist on the traditional bouquet toss.


Dean has absolutely no excuse to ever forget his wedding day, since it also happens to fall on his birthday.  Jessica arranged for a groom’s cake decorated with Dean’s former sports car to celebrate the occasion.

The night ended in a circle as the guests swayed with arms around each other and sang, “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra.

I must have been heavily influenced by all the love and emotion flying around, because I recorded a reverie on our Flip Mino about why I love weddings that night.  If I can get Jeff to edit a few pieces together soon, I’ll post them up here.  (If you leave a comment bugging him about it, maybe he’ll jump on it faster…)

Dutchess Manor

Photos by Mark Greenstone of Majestic Studios

Cake by Pastry Garden

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