6.12.09 Grandview Wedding Kelsa & John


On Friday morning I looked up at darkened skies and thought, There is no way it’s going to rain today.  Not for Kelsa.  She’s entirely too sweet!

Somebody must have been listening to the chorus of weather protests that day, because the sun came out and the weather cleared in time for Kelsa and John’s wedding reception under the Grandview tent.


Kelsa arranged a special introduction for John, a HUGE Yankees fan, by Yankees announcer Bob Sheppard.  We spliced his introduction with Josh Turner, James Brown, The Black Eyed Peas, Warren G and Kanye West for a surprise guest intro straight from Yankee stadium!

Kelsa’s sisters were her Maids of Honor, and John’s brothers were his Best Men.  All four gave clever speeches, finished off by a Swedish toast we learned together, “Hurrah!  Hurrah!  Hurrah!  Skal!”

I loved the details of Kelsa and John’s wedding.  The tables were decorated with blue tinted vases, each with a single white blossom and floating candles inside.  Instead of numbers, the tables were labeled with photos of locations special to the couple: Sweden, Pennsylvania, Italy, Rhode Island, New Hampshire.


SPECIAL TIP:  Margaret at the Grandview suggests that if you use something other than numbers to label your tables, post a seating “map” for your guests when they pick up their place cards.  This makes it easy for everyone to find their seat…and eliminates the confusion for older guests who’ve never seen personalized table names.  A great tip and it looks cool, too!

I learned a lot about Kelsa and John that day…about Kelsa’s love for David Beckham, and John’s favorite game, Stump the Know-It-All Dad…but mostly I took in the love they have for each other and for their family and friends.  Even if the skies had opened up on us, it wouldn’t have changed the day’s beauty one bit.


That’s a tribute to Kelsa and John.  Beautiful!


Photos by Nick Carter

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