6.20.08 Thayer Hotel Robyn & Matt

Robyn and Matt had just about the BEST attitudes I’d ever seen in a couple. Under cloudy, threatening skies they set up their outdoor ceremony on the lawn of the Thayer Hotel. The rain came down in torrents, then stopped just in time.

The Thayer staff hurried to dry off the chairs and the ceremony began.

As Robyn made her way across the damp grass, it began to rain again. She kept on smiling, eyes glued to Matt until she was at his side.

The Reverend Sharan DePalma of Blissful Bonds kept the mood light as the rain continued to fall. With a ceremony she’d written just for them, she told how Matt and Robyn met in high school sixteen years earlier, then separated for nine years before finding one another again. A passing train blew its whistle just as they were exchanging vows and Reverend Sharan quipped, “For richer or for poorer–and at 100 miles an hour…”

They laughed and kissed, then headed indoors out of the rain.

The bad weather didn’t dampen their spirits. They ate, they danced, they had a blast. The night ENDED with the guests chanting, “Robyn on the chair!” until she gave in and was lifted on a chair by her laughing groomsmen.

Thayer Hotel

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