6.22.08 Dutchess Manor Vicki & Allan

I waited YEARS for this wedding. Four years, to be precise.

We met Vicki and Allan working a wedding at the Thayer Hotel way back in July of 2004. They had just moved to the area and were ramping up their photography studio, Allan Levine Photography. We hit it off with Vicki, the sweet, funny California girl (“Like, totally!”) and Allan, whose idea of a good time includes describing the intricacies of his camera lens and reciting his favorite lines from the Honeymooners. It turned out they were engaged, and they wanted us to DJ their wedding.

Months went by. Years passed. We bumped into Vicki and Allan here and there, and every time they were struggling to pick a date. FINALLY Vicki found us again. I suggested several locations for the wedding, and Vicki ended her search at the Dutchess Manor.

It was the perfect place for Vicki and Allan. Dean and his staff treated them like gold and the elegant, newly renovated room showed off the gorgeous view of the river.

I knew Vicki would have a blast, but Allan surprised us all with his unbridled enthusiasm on the dance floor. He was a CRAZY MAN for YMCA and Dancing Queen. (We managed to persuade him not to subject his guests to the Sex Pistols.) All this from the man who swore he didn’t dance.

It’s the power of love, folks.

I’ll never forget the love between Vicki and Allan as they gazed into each other’s eyes at the end of dinner, dancing to The Rainbow Connection sung by Kermit the Frog. (When they thought no one was looking.)

We’re always friends with our couples by the time the wedding arrives, but it was an extra special pleasure to share such a fun-filled day with Vicki and Allan.

Let’s party again for OUR 10 year anniversary in another four years!

Dutchess Manor

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