6.26.09 Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel Wedding of Tara & Jeff

Tara and Jeff’s wedding was our first time back at the Poughkeepsie Grand since the renovations.  What a change!  I love the Caribbean inspired chandeliers and sconces in the hallway, and the ballrooms look so spacious and elegant.

Tara’s colors highlighted the new decor of the Regency ballroom: the bridesmaids in luxurious red matched the table linens.  A tall vase of beautiful white cala lilies graced the center of each table.

Tara and Jeff added some extra special touches to their wedding.  Guests enjoyed custom martinis during cocktail hour.  Instead of place cards, the guests’ table assignments were engraved on glass votives, each lit with a candle.  Vintage wedding photographs of the couple’s parents and grandparents decorated a table near the door.  In addition to cake, dessert featured bananas foster and a decadent chocolate fountain.

Jeff was the music lover of the pair, so he chose “Let Me Clear My Throat” by DJ Kool for their introduction.  The bridal party, especially the guys, hooted and hollered to cheer them in.

Tara and Jeff danced to “Making Memories of Us,” by Keith Urban, a song they danced on the roof to while they were dating.  Not every couple has a “special song” (my Jeff and I sure didn’t!) but if you can find a significant song from your relationship, like Tara and Jeff did, it can be extra special.  And if you share it with your guests, they’ll eat it up!

People watching is one of my favorite past times, and the DJ life is the ideal way to indulge my hobby.  I love to watch the romantic moments, the goofy dancing, the laughter and the tears.

One of my favorite voyeuristic moments came at the end of dinner.  I slipped on one of Jeff’s special requests, “Waste” by Phish.  Jeff gave a shy smile as he recognized the song, then scanned the room until he found Tara.  He crept across the room until he was standing behind her, then placed a loving hand on her shoulder and asked her to dance.  The two of them owned the dance floor for the next three minutes.  “Come waste some time with me…”

Ah, Jeff couldn’t fool me.  As tough as he looked, he was a true romantic.

Congratulations, Tara and Jeff!

Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel

Photos by Allan Levine Photography

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