6.27.09 Garrison Wedding of Erin & Jess

What a pleasure to be back at the Garrison!  It’s ballroom truly has one of the most spectacular views of the Hudson Valley.  Todd, the charming sales manager, described it this way:

“This room was completely designed around the view.  The carpet, the walls, we wanted it all to be neutral, so that nothing distracts from it.  It’s all about the view.”

If you’ve never been there, that view is a show-stopping, panoramic vista encompassing the Hudson River and the mountains beyond.  On our last visit an eagle soared across the sky at sunset.

This was the setting for Erin and Jess’ wedding.

Erin stood in the gardens before that view at the ceremony, tall and elegant in her simple knee-length white dress, holding hands with Jess.  They smiled at each other and rocked back and forth as the officiant led them through the vows they had written for each other.

The decor Erin and Jess chose for their wedding accentuated the natural beauty of the Garrison’s view.  Guests found their place cards beneath smooth river stones.  And the centerpieces!  Beautiful wildflower arrangements with bursts of coral, chartreuse and blue, surrounded by textured greenery and clematic vines.  Sort of like this photo from the Petals by Alice Flickr account, but with less pink…

Photo from Petals By Alice

Photo from Petals By Alice

Jeff fell in love with them, too, and one sits on our dining room table, still as fresh and beautiful as it was the day of the wedding.

An unexpected guest made an appearance during the cocktail hour, an adorable hummingbird who was trapped beneath the tent over the patio.  He flitted back and forth constantly, trying to escape by flying up, not realizing that an easy exit could be found through the tent’s open sides.

We had such fun with Erin, Jess and their guests, especially working in the groom’s requests for Beirut, Belle and Sebastian, and Death Cab For Cutie.

And in a month of rainy June weddings…it didn’t rain!

The Garrison

Flowers by Petals By Alice

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