6.6.09 Cole Hill Farm Estate Rachel & Julius


Cole Hill Farm Estate.  All I can say is…WOW.

Just outside of Kingston, down a winding road cutting through numerous farms and stone houses, there it is.  A lovely historic farmhouse on a grassy hill overlooking a pond fed by a creek.  This place was just right for Rachel and Julius.


The ceremony was held under the shade of the trees beside the pond, an arch decorated in blue and purple hydrangeas.  Birds and bull frogs joined Rachel’s young cousin on keyboards to serenade the guests as we waited for the bride to come down the hill on the arms of her parents.  Tufts of cotton floated down like snow, nestling in our hair and clothes.


Rachel and Julius’ ceremony was magic.  They invited each of their parents to share their words of wisdom and advice.  Gazing into the eyes of their children, each parent spoke heart-felt words of love.  Then Julius and Rachel read the words they had written for each other.

Julius told of his formerly cynical attitude regarding love: he had believed love was a “long and arduous task,” and that when he met his predetermined “mate” he would passively fall in love because he was destined to do so by biology and psychology.  Then, he met Rachel, and everything changed.  He came to understand that he chooses who he loves, and no one gave that to him, and no one can take it away.

Rachel spoke of their shared love of cooking as a metaphor for their relationship.  She prefers the measured, planned regime of baking, while Julius improvises and experiments on dishes that are never the same twice.  Rachel thanked him for teaching her to value that creativity, recalling adventures like bringing a Christmas tree on a city bus and attempting to make aged balsamic vinegar in barrels.


The bridal party matched the natural surroundings, the girls in moss green dresses and the guys in tan suits.  Don’t tell, but…it was all Jeff could do to resist the Wisconsin micro-brews the couple had transported for the occasion, in honor of their Wisconsin college days.

I can’t wait until I have photos to share this wedding with you!  Fortunately, our friend Hillary Harvey has volunteered to donate a few of her images for the blog.  Cole Hill Farm is soon to be a hot Hudson Valley wedding location, if the success of this wedding is any indication.  The couple had the place to themselves for the entire weekend!

Rachel and Julius shared their first dance to an instrumental tune written and performed by Julius’ former violin teacher, Liz Carroll.


The entire wedding was full of love, personality and just a joy to be a part of…especially given the cast of wedding support staff we know and love.  Kudos!

Cole Hill Farm Estate

Catering by Bridge Creek Catering

Coordination by Jeanne Stark of Hudson Valley Ceremonies

Photos by Hillary Harvey

Ceremony performed by the Reverend Puja Thompson

Flowers by Sara Gast

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