6.7.08 Westchester Renaissance Hotel Megan & Jeff

Megan and Jeff celebrated their wedding reception at The Mansion at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel in a charming Colonial stone and glass ballroom. This photo is courtesy of Andrew Lucas, who peeped through the French doors to capture this romantic shot. (Thanks!)

My Jeff braved the sweltering heat to serenade guests with his acoustic guitar on the patio outside (while I waited in the air conditioning.)

Instead of traditional table numbers, Megan and Jeff named each table with a photograph of a street where one of them lived during their college courtship. And the favors were jelly beans, representing a “jelly bean wish” Megan had made for Jeff years ago.

Then, my favorite! Our second set of love letters for the weekend.

Megan’s letter included excerpts from her diary in which she counted the endless days until she would see Jeff–if only his father wouldn’t put him to work!

This couple was sweet, romantic, with a lovely sense of humor that infused the party with love and fun. And did they dance!

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