6.7.09 Round Hill House Victoria & Rich

Our day with Victoria and Rich began in the lush Round Hill gardens for the ceremony, surrounded by trumpet vines, lamb’s ear and petunias, a fountain in the background and the sounds of birds singing, dragonflies lighting on the blossoms.

If it sounds like I’m exaggerating the natural beauty of the gardens, believe me, this place is beautiful.  In fact, our whole weekend was spent in such gorgeous surroundings that I’m absolutely spoiled at this point.  While Jeff performed guitar for the ceremony, a music loving chipmunk sat on the stone step beside him, only a foot away, staring.  At one point he came up and touched Jeff’s shoe!

Father Paul Mayer reminded the guests that this was no ordinary wedding, though we might be tempted to fall into our old set of wedding expectations, yawning our way through until the bar opens.  He explained that we were all gathered there by divine influence in order to marry Victoria and Rich together.  At the close of the ceremony, Father Paul admonished us to follow the 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt party hearty.”

And it was so.

Victoria and Rich chose the Foo Fighter’s live version of “Everlong” for their first dance, complete with audience applause that only encouraged their own lively crowd to cheer them on.

Victoria’s sister, Alexandra, sang for the couple after the toasts.  She chose their grandfather’s favorite song, in French, “La Vie En Rose,” because the newlyweds got engaged in Paris.  She translated the lyrics for us:

When he takes me in his arms
And speaks softly to me,
I see life in rosy hues.
He tells me words of love,
Words of every day,
And in them I become something.
He has entered my heart,
A part of happiness
Whereof I understand the reason.
It’s he for me and I for him, throughout life,
He has told me, he has sworn to me, for life.
And from the things that I sense,
Now I can feel within me
My heart that beats.

After all that love and emotion, what night would be complete without…the Backstreet Boys?  Yes, apparently Rich and his friends share a strange affection for the band, as they sang along with every word.

I love the diversity of love, the diversity of the wedding universe!

Round Hill House

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