7.10.09 Christo’s Wedding Jessica & Wayne

It was our first time back at Christo’s this season and Chris had some pleasant surprises in store, as usual.  First, we noticed the lovely flowers outside.  Then inside, a brand new gobo light for the dance floor.  Seems like Chris always has some new improvement up his sleeve.

What a pleasure to share Jessica and Wayne’s wedding day!  We met Wayne through business networking circles a few years back and hit it off right away.  When he attended Allan and Vicki’s wedding last year, they decided we should be their DJs, too.  And I’m so glad they did!

The bridal party was introduced to “Loving U” by Yakooza, a tribute to techno-loving Wayne.  Then the newlyweds danced in to “Born To Be My Baby” by Bon Jovi.  An amazing entrance, and Jessica lit up the room.

After some debate, Jessica and Wayne settled on “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz as their first dance.  I don’t think anyone can resist smiling when they hear that one.

The bridesmaids wore fuschia dresses.  Hopefully the video we took of the centerpieces does them justice: lilies and roses in fuschia and cream.

A surprise treat for us was meeting the parents of one of our former brides…from a wedding six years ago at Plum Pointe in New Windsor!  They remembered us and showed us a picture of their new granddaughter.  I still remember their wedding, with the guys piled up on the floor, hands raised in the “rock on” sign as they sang along to Bon Jovi.

Jessica and Wayne’s wedding was every bit as fun.  Rock ruled the night, with Jessica leading the dancing to “Cecilia,” “Sweet Caroline” and “Jessie’s Girl” (of course!)

Christo’s Restaurant

Photos by Allan & Vicki Levine

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