7.12.08 The Grandview Alicia & Kyle

Return to The Grandview for Alicia and Kyle’s big day…

As Kyle’s brother, the Best Man, said in his toast, “Kyle likes to do everything to the EXTREME.”

So it came as no surprise that Alicia and Kyle worked their personalities into their reception. Alicia was beautiful, her long hair woven with flowers like a Medieval princess as she and Kyle made their grand entrance to the triumphant 80’s synth sounds of “The Final Countdown.” When the cheering guests settled down, they danced to Breaking Benjamin’s cover of “Who Wants to Live Forever” by Queen.

(Jeff LOVES those 80’s classic rock moments! That’s when I tell him that his rock roots are showing.)

Alicia showcased her sense of humor, asking us to play “The Godfather Theme” as she and her VERY Italian father approached for their special dance. Then she kissed his ring in a show of Godfather-ly devotion.

Toward the end of the night, Alicia’s Sisterhood held hands in a circle and serenaded her on the dance floor, raising their voices in harmony in accordance with their tradition.

Of course, Kyle’s single guy friends would not be out done, and they followed with a dedication of “Another One Bites the Dust” for the groom.
Alicia and Kyle were a brilliant example of how to express your personality through your entertainment. It doesn’t have to be complicated or totally unexpected or even non-traditional–it just has to be YOU.

Rock on, guys.

The Grandview

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