7.18.09 Villa Borghese Wedding Kathleen & Nik

kathleen-nik-first-danceFor whatever reason, at wedding ceremonies I’m usually standing on the left with a perfect view of the groom’s face.  A fact I thoroughly enjoy because I love to watch the “tough guys” get all emotional during the exchange of vows.

Well, at Kathleen and Nik’s wedding last weekend, I was standing on the right…with a clear view of Kathleen’s face.

I watched the emotions play across her face: shy, overwhelmed, excited, ecstatically happy and “I can’t believe this is happening!”  It was truly an amazing and moving experience.

In Kathleen’s words, her wedding was “a dream,” and she floated through it, beautiful and happy.

This group was all about the PARTY.  Kathleen’s bridesmaids wore light green dresses and carried yellow flowers in their arms as they were introduced to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”

kathleen-bridesmaids-in-sunMusic ranged from Frank Sinatra to a double shot of the Ramones and Billy Joel’s “Downeaster Alexa” for the Long Island family.  We even snuck in a little Beastie Boys for the groomsmen.

Jeff and I worked with photographer Joe Minella…who I discovered was also one of my elementary school teachers!  It is a small world.

kathleen-dancingHave I mentioned that one of the coolest parts of being a Hudson Valley DJ is that we meet the most fun, creative  people?  The perks are endless!


Villa Borghese

Photos by Joseph Minella

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