7.25.09 Grandview Wedding Diane & Steve

I called this couple our dimpled darlings.  Diane and Steve are just so cute together, and so in love, diane-beautifulwith such winning smiles that you just have to smile back.

Their entire Grandview wedding was full of that sweetness.  It began with the couple’s Love Letters.  Usually when the couple takes my (strong) suggestion to write letters for each other to be read before their First Dance, I read the couple’s words for them.  But this time Steve requested to read his own.  And he just blew me away.

He pulled a folded paper from his jacket as “Angel” by Jack Johnson played softly in the background, looked at Diane, choked up for a moment, and kissed her on the cheek.  He swallowed and read his words:  “The phone call was made, the stage was set and what came next truly changed my life forever…I love you with what words cannot flaunt.”steve-gq

Of course, it wasn’t all romance and elegance.  This couple was out to have FUN!  One of the highlights was watching the guests lift little Diane onto a chair as they formed a circle and sang “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”  She and Steve sang all the words…and did the hand gestures to match.

NOTES ON DETAIL:  Diane’s bridesmaids wore fuschia dresses in differing cuts and carried pink and fuschia roses.  The tables were decorated with centerpieces of pink blossoming branches, with years as table numbers and photos of the newlyweds growing up.  The cake’s simple, square tiers were decorated with pink twine and a few blossoms.

I am SO glad our friend Jen from Masterpiece Video was there to capture all the many, many moments of Steve and Diane’s day.  There were so many awesome memories!

Grandview steve-diane-end

Photos by Catherine Leonard

Video by Masterpiece Video

Flowers by Rose’s Florist

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