7.26.08 Candlewood Inn Diana & Shaun

If you’ve never been to the Candlewood Inn in Brookfield, Connecticut, you’re missing something special.

Diana and Shaun were married on the shores of Candlewood Lake, with pink and purple flowers dotting the landscaped gardens. The Reverend David James http://www.wedrev.com/ conducted a simple, lovely ceremony with his characteristic charm, earning laughs and smiles from everyone. A warm wind gave relief from the summer heat as the early evening sun cast long shadows over those gathered.

Inside, the ballroom’s elegant decor and view of the lake required little enhancement. The couple adorned each table with seven long-stemmed cala lilies in a vase. Simple and elegant. The Bridesmaids wore black (a popular choice this year–classic and reusable) and carried bouquets of yellow cala lilies.

The newlyweds impressed all their guests with their First Dance choice: a tune by Gloria Estefan called “You” that showed off their salsa lessons.

Diana and Shaun snuck off for a private photo at sunset, just as the brilliant, red sun was sinking behind the mountains on the far side of the lake. What a view!

This partying group taught us something new: they did a conga line to “I Wanna Be Sedated” by the Ramones.

The punk movement would have been proud.

Candlewood Inn

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