7.27.08 Anthony’s Pier 9 Mashelle & Danny

It was such a pleasure to be a part of Mashelle and Danny’s wedding day.

We met the couple when we worked the annual Holiday Ball for the employees at Stewart Airforce Base. Danny “volunteered” to be a human Christmas tree and was decorated by the ladies with tinsel, ornaments, and ladies undergarments. As if that weren’t enough, he did a runway walk, strutting his stuff for the crowd.

Yep, that’s Danny.

With three children each, Mashelle and Danny are forming a regular Brady bunch.

On their wedding day, Danny and Mashelle made their grand entrance, rising up the elevator in the Imperial Ballroom, lights flashing, the theme from 2001 Space Odyssey blaring. We kicked in with Rob Base’s “It Takes Two” and the guests went wild.

Danny really stretched my vocal talents with the Love Letter he wrote for Mashelle, inspired by the Jack Black comedy Nacho Libre. I assumed my best Mexican accent to deliver lines like, “Let’s get down to the nitty gritty,” (except it sounded more like, “neeety greeety“) and “I was wondering if you would join me in my quarters this night…for some toast.”

How many times did you see that movie, Danny?

Mashelle and her young son Barrington, who had also walked her down the aisle, shared a special dance together. He held her tight, head pressed into his mother the whole time. It was the sweetest parent dance I’ve seen in ages.

Let me tell you–the bouquet toss later on was FULL CONTACT. Those single ladies were dangerous! They actually tackled each other and wrestled for the bouquet. Stray flowers were flying everywhere.

We tapped into some salsa, merengue, old school hip hop and freestyle for this party, interspersed with some of Danny and Mashelle’s Christian favorites.

My favorite moment: seeing the looks of love exchanged by Danny and Mashelle as their six children surrounded them on the dance floor. These are the moments you remember.

Thanks, guys!

Anthony’s Pier 9

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