7.3.09 Dutchess Manor Wedding Jess & Clint

Jess and Clint celebrate the anniversary of their first kiss on July 4th, so Independence Day has jess-clint-weddingextra special meaning to them.  Yes, there were literally fireworks.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun.  I really tried.)

The newlyweds started off their reception with a bang.  Musiq Soulchild’s “Religious” provided a gospel hum in the background as I introduced them, the music dropped and BAM! Jess and Clint danced into the room with passion and energy.  Within seconds the bridal party joined them on the dance floor.

The night was all about soul.  Joss Stone, Marvin Gaye, Common, Mary J. Blige, a dash of latin and reggaeton.  But the thing I noticed most was the love woven around Jess and Clint, in their speeches, in the way they looked at each other and sang as they danced together.

QUICK NOTE ON DETAILS:  Jess’ bridesmaids wore lovely summer dresses, white with a pale green pattern.  Their flowers were pale peach roses with a blush or orange that really made them pop.  Beautiful!


Watching Jess dance and fill the room with her warmth, beauty and enthusiasm was such a pleasure.  At the end of the night, she was just glowing.  As she thanked us for our part in her day, her smiling eyes grew thoughtful.  “I have one piece of advice for brides on their wedding day.”  Her husky voice was serious.  “DON’T CARE.  Just let go and don’t care.”

Jess nailed it.  She came into her wedding day totally care-free.  She danced with abandon and wedding-cakeforgot her worries over weather and tiny details.  The result was the wedding day bliss love-high Jeff and I witness on a regular basis.

Thanks for reminding me what I’m in this for, Jess and Clint.

Dutchess Manor

Photos by Donna Elkin *All photos in the blog post courtesy of Donna Elkin

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