7.4.08 Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel Christine & Patrick

Ah, the Fourth of July.Christine and Patrick had the ballroom done up in red, white and blue. There were even little flags in the floral arrangements on each table and patriotic colors on the cake!

It was such fun to read their love letters to each other, especially Patrick’s words about how he knew Christine was special on their very first date because, “she didn’t mind that he watched the Pistons game over her shoulder” while they spoke. But, he assured us, she knows how to put him in his place. (Lots of catcalls from their guests after that one.)

Christine’s father wrote a poem called “Daughter of Mine” in honor of his daughter’s wedding day, the name taken from the song by John McDermott that they danced to together. The poem was funny, sweet, and touching. These are the moments that transform a wedding from memorable to unforgettable.

I mustn’t forget to note the creative use of the Grand’s red napkins; a few guests tied them together and began an impromtu game of Limbo on the dance floor.

Kent Miller of Kent Miller Studios captured some great details in these photographs. Gotta love that patriotic flair!

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