7.4.09 Le Chambord Wedding Lois & Dick


Happy Fourth of July!

It was our first time back at Le Chambord in quite a while.  The renovated ballroom looks more spacious and lovely than ever in its new golden hue.


Lois and Dick’s was another work place romance; they are both district superintendants who met at various education functions.  First, it was all business…then romance blossomed.


The couple kept the bridal party intimate, just the Maid of Honor and her son, Thomas, the ring bearer.  It was Thomas’ first wedding and he raced across the dance floor with excitement.  He grew wide-eyed staring at our DJ equipment and asked Jeff, “How do you remember all that stuff?”

When Jeff told him it was easier than playing most video games, Thomas was eager to learn.  “Show me!  Show me!”


Lois and Dick were wonderful to watch on the dance floor; Dick held his new wife tenderly as they danced to “What Are You Doing the Rest Of Your Life?” by Chris Botti and Sting.


Lois arranged for a birthday cake to celebrate the July 4th birthday of her friend, Linda, who had traveled from California for the wedding.  “I’m not coming to the wedding unless you get me a birthday cake,” she had joked.


It was our pleasure to meet our new friend, photographer Diane of Hudson River Creative Photography.  She worked tirelessly to capture the unnoticed details, even posing the teddy bear bride and groom on the dance floor beneath the colored disco lights for a romantic bear photo shot.  Too cute!

(Thanks to Diane for all these images and the “extras” of Jeff and me.)


Lois and Dick are off to an exotic honeymoon in Greece.  How’s that for a romantic way to end the school year?  Congratulations, guys!

Le Chambord

Photos by Diane of Hudson River Creative Photography

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