7.6.08 The Grandview April & Mike

We closed our weekend with our friends under the tent of the Grandview, our home away from home.

April and Mike had a lovely ceremony officiated by Father Rich Haselbach on the patio overlooking the Hudson River. The bridesmaids were gorgeous in rich, red dresses that matched the roses in the pedestal arrangements on each table.

Mike’s father gave a surprise toast. He unwrapped a huge bottle of Johnny Walker Red and told a story.

When Mike was only five years old, his father brought that bottle back from a trip to St. Thomas. Mike was fascinated with the bottle and asked his father when it would be opened. “I’ll open it at your wedding,” Mike’s father had told him.

Little Mike replied, “Dad, you’ll be waiting an awfully long time.”

All those years later, Mike’s father opened that bottle and raised his glass in a toast to his son on his wedding day.

I’m happy to note that the guests had a great time (with some helpful assistance from that scotch, I’m sure) kickin’ it to a mix of salsa, hip hop and good old rock n’ roll.

Blending Mike’s Latin heritage with April’s love for country music reminded me of the beauty in the way a couple’s differences compliment each other.

(Now if only I could get Jeff to like Shakespeare…)

The Grandview

Officiant Father Rich Haselbach

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