8.21.09 Locust Grove Wedding Sarah & Erik

Sarah and Erik put their wedding together in a whirlwind of only three months of planning.  But you would have never known there was a rush; the details were amazing.

COOL DETAILS:  The flowers were pink and fuschia roses and zinnias, and the bride’s bouquet and ceremony flowers incorporated the whimsical touch of white feathers.  In addition to the strawberries in the champagne glasses, a pink or green butterfly graced the rim at alternating settings.  Instead of a guest book, Sarah and Erik asked their guests to sign bright yellow, pink, green or blue slips of paper with their words of wisdom, roll them up and place them in a honeycomb display.

UNBELIEVABLE CAKES!  The cakes were show stoppers.  The main cake was a beautiful, multi-layered white cake with fondant daisies cascading down the front.  The cake topper was a bride and groom with photograph heads of Sarah and Erik, along with toppers of their two dogs.  As if that weren’t impressive enough, the groom’s cake was a police car (in honor of Erik’s NYPD status) complete with flashing lights.

Pink cabbage rose, dahlia and white feather bouquet

Sarah, a former radio DJ with WRRV, gave us an extensive request list filled with alternative rock hits and multiple dedications.  We played Coldplay, Spacehog and even “Song 2” by Blur for Sarah’s mother.  I put together a “Sarah” mix (at the request of Sarah’s mother) including excerpts of songs by Bob Dylan, Death Cab For Cutie, Thin Lizzy, Hall & Oates and Jellyfish, all songs mentioning the name Sarah.

Despite the uncooperative weather, it was an unforgettable wedding.  Sarah and Erik, you truly outdid yourselves!Kiss in the Rain

Locust Grove

Catering by Lola’s Catering (The best!  The food not only tastes delicious, it looks gorgeous, too.)

Photos by Catherine Leonard

Flute and Harp Duo

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