8.22.09 Grandview Wedding Amanda & Tim

We knew Amanda and Tim were going to be fun when they helped us out at the Grandview tasting by doing a “pretend” First Dance.  This couple was game for anything.

Amanda and Tim wrote love letters for each other.  Amanda told how she couldn’t recall exactly when she’d fallen in love with Tim…except that on their two week anniversary she felt the urge to sign a computer note with, “I love you.”  Tim revealed the romantic significance of the date 8/22, the date that had brought them together exactly seven years earlier.

Afterward, they shared a dance to the acoustic version of Alanis Morisette’s “Head Over Feet,” a well-practiced fox trot.

Amanda’s sisters, her matrons of honor, proposed a joint toast that had us all in stitches.  They described their younger sister Amanda: her first word was “Mumrah,” the villain on Thundercats; at two years old, little Amanda would straddle a broom and yell, “Go, broom, go!”  A sure sign, they explained, that Amanda shared close ties with their ancestors, the Salem witches.

The newlyweds had warned us early on that there would be multiple requests for Bob Marley’s “Jamming,” an essential for Amanda’s family.  They were right; if we hadn’t played that song, I don’t think we would have made it out alive!  But seriously, the whole family got up and sang along, “We’re jammin, we’re jammin…hope you like jammin, too.”

Amanda and Tim are off on their Mediterranean honeymoon.  Congrats, guys!


Photos by Kristen Lindner

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