8.23.08 Jessica & Ryan The Grandview

Jeff and I were back at the Grandview after our week at the beach, nicely tanned and relaxed after a week of slackerdom. And so ready to celebrate with Jessica and Ryan!

Jessica and Ryan stole a few moments alone on the dance floor underneath the tent. I watched (from a discrete distance, of course) as Ryan dipped his new wife and kissed her neck, savoring the elegance around them.
The couple’s wedding was in blue and white, with sea shells strewn across the tables. Each centerpiece was a HUGE bottle of wine topped with blue and white flowers. Fitting, since Ryan is a wine merchant. Bottoms up!
The Love Letters that Jessica and Ryan shared with their guests couldn’t have been more different. In poetic, romantic words, Jessica described how, “life melted away and left just the two of us, standing, breathing as summer melted into fall,” when they first met. Ryan, on the other hand, wrote a rhyming poem revealing how he knew she was the one when they met at a Halloween party…where Jessica was dressed as Catwoman. MEOW!
Jessica shared a special dance with her seventeen year old son, Michael, who had walked her down the aisle. She dedicated the song, “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban to her late father. Michael tried to fight his tears, but by the end of the song both he and his mother were crying and hugging each other.
Later on the couple treated their guests to a Gourmet Ice Cream bar, and everyone stuffed themselves on bowls of ice cream with sprinkles, caramel and whipped cream.
It was great working with photographic team Rich Michaels and his wife Stacy www.rmichaelsphoto.com who captured these beautiful shots of Jessica and Ryan. (We love husband-wife teams!)
P.S. I just got an email from Jessica’s honeymoon where they are swimming with dolphins, drinking tequila and getting massages on the beach in Cabo San Lucas. Wicked!
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