8.29.08 The Grandview Andria & Sal

Andria and Sal posed back to back with their arms crossed as they were introduced into their wedding reception in the Grandview ballroom to “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross.

As the music faded, I read Andria’s Love Letter to Sal. She told how they met in high school when they were only fifteen, and she knew, even then, that they would marry. Through late night, whispered phone calls and a long distance relationship when they were in college, everything lead up to this day.

Sal’s Love Letter revealed how he knew Andria was the one…when he grew accustomed to the HUGE shadow (of her thumb) over his tiny head…and when he saw her beautiful lips singing every word to a 50 Cent song at a concert she bought them tickets for!

I doubled over with laughter listening to the words of “My Mother Said,” the song playing when Sal danced with his mother. “My mother said…always wear clean underwear and stop picking your nose.”

High school sweethearts Andria and Sal had such love around them that I had visions of the two of them watching their own children dance on their wedding day many years in the future. Sometimes you just know.

And I promised Sal I’d say something nice about him in my blog. So here goes:

“Sal, you have the most beautiful TEETH…”

These photos are courtesy of our friend Cheryl Bolton-Reuter p://www.boltonreuterphotography.com/. Nothin’ but love, baby!
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