8.30.08 Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel Rebecca & Mike

Rebecca and Mike held each other close, barely moving, as they danced to the duet by Shania Twain and Bryan White, “From This Moment On.” Swaying with eyes closed, they were alone on the dance floor, despite the fact that their closest family and friends surrounded them.

I asked Rebecca how her ceremony went, and she flashed that beautiful grin. “I woke up this morning and it was drizzling. And I thought, ‘I don’t even care. I’m getting married! It doesn’t matter.’ And everything has been great.”

The sun did shine for Rebecca’s wedding day, allowing photographer Catherine Leonard to take some gorgeous shots outside the Methodist church.

Each table was decorated with a differently themed vase, flowers, and frame, so Rebecca asked us to give away those centerpieces by playing snippets of songs referencing its theme: “Monkey” by George Michael for the table with a bamboo and jungle centerpiece, “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid for the seashell and starfish table, and so on.

I had Rebecca and Mike answer trivia questions ahead of time, then quizzed their guests to let them earn the centerpiece with questions such as, “Which flavor of ice cream best describes Rebecca and Mike’s relationship?” “If Rebecca were stranded on a desert island, which would she crave first?”

The guests got more answers wrong than right, but everyone laughed and clapped; especially when Rebecca revealed that she wished Mike would stop “belching like a frog.”

The seven year old flower girl requested the Miley Cyrus song, “Seven Things,” and aunt Rebecca gave her nod of approval. The cute blonde head-banged and lip synched her way through, “The seven things I hate about you!”

When we left, the memory Rebecca’s beaming face made me smile all day long.

Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel

Photos by Catherine Leonard

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