8.3.08 The Grandview Maria & Joe

Oh, I love the Grandview!

The heat broke by mid-afternoon and the breeze off the Hudson River was delicious.

Maria and Joe were married on the patio overlooking the river by the Reverend Sara Henderson. Sara’s sweet smile is infectious!

There were eight kids in the bridal party. The littlest girls were pulled down the aisle in a red wagon decorated with tulle and lace.

Maria remembered the kids at the reception, too. While the grown-ups had beautiful arrangements of pink and yellow-peach variegated roses and zinnias, the kids had Siamese fighting fish! The couple gave donations to Autism Speaks in lieu of favors, but everyone got bags of green and blue Jelly Belly beans. Each table was named after a winery Maria and Joe had visited together, and decorated with bottles of wine from each location.

Maria and Joe had fish on their sweetheart table, too, next to a stuffed bride and groom Teddy bear.

We played Italian waltzes, tarantellas, and polkas for Maria’s Italian family. Then, of course…Bon Jovi for the bride!

The highlight of the night for Joe came after dinner. Joe invited “the boys” outside the tent for cigars. Before you knew it, a crowd of fifty people had gathered for a smoke to admire the river view. *cough, cough*

Maria and Joe were beaming with their family and friends around them as the sun set over the Hudson.
The photos are courtesy of our new photographer friend Vito Kwan. Check out his blog for more of the details (including cigars and fish!) from Joe and Maria’s wedding.

The Grandview
Photos by Vito Kwan

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