8.8.08 Villa Borghese Maureen & Tom

It was that magical date…8/8/08.

Maureen and Tom chose “The Luckiest” as their First Dance song. It’s one of my favorites by Ben Folds. So romantic! Guaranteed to wring tears from even the toughest wedding guest. It’s that line about the old man who dies a few days after his wife because he misses her so much. “I know it’s a strange way to tell you that I know we belong…but I know, that I am the luckiest.”

It’s no wonder Maureen and Tom were stealing kisses during their solo dance.

Our couple from last month, Kyle and Alicia, were guests in attendance. It was so good to see them again! Jeff was so impressed with Kyle’s savvy Blu Ray buying skills (and his skillful justification of the purchase) that he’s already planning his own campaign. “But, honey, we get FREE high def included…”

Though I knew what to expect this time, I was pleased that enough of Maureen’s sorority was present to serenade her with an a capella version of their song. It was, however, the first time I’ve seen Red Hot Salsa in action. Apparently, Maureen took line dancing in college, and she and her group of friends suffered such a traumatic experience together that they are compelled to relieve their Red Hot Salsa group dance at every opportunity. “You’re red hot. You’re a red hot dancer…When you swing your hips, and you do the salsa.”

I always say: there are no rules in weddings. There is the traditional, but you should do whatever feels right for you. Maureen shared a special dance with her mother to, “In My Daughter’s Eyes,” a moving song Martina McBride wrote for her daughters. (Another tear jerker. Darn it!)

It’s your wedding. You get to make–and break–the rules. Dance with whoever you want, skip traditions that don’t fit you, or make up new ones. It’s all good!

Maureen and Tom are off to St. Lucia for “snorkeling and zip lining.” Yippee!

Villa Borghese

Photos by Paul Stokes of Hudson Valley Photo

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