8.9.08 Locust Grove Mya & James

Jeff and I were back at Locust Grove for the second weekend in a row–with Eddie from Lola’s Catering again. YUM!

This was the first ceremony I officially coordinated. What a rush to be right in the middle of all the nervousness and excitement as Mya and her father readied for their walk across the lawn to join their waiting guests! I even got to carry her train across the gravel and arrange it for her procession.

Mya was lovely with a pink rose tucked into her hair. The Reverend Charles Stickley, a robust gentleman with a deep, compelling voice, officiated the ceremony. He presented the couple with a gift of Woodstock chimes at the end of the ceremony as a reminder that they listen to God’s music in every situation.

Pink, yellow, and peach roses adorned the tables inside, and the flower girl wore a crown of roses.

Oh, the flower girl! Caroline was a RIOT. Just the cutest little blonde-haired angel. We played “Sweet Caroline” for her at the end of dinner. Not one to be shy, Caroline skipped onto the dance floor and twirled like a ballerina as the entire room sang to her. And after the cake, she insisted on singing for Mya and James. She lifted that microphone without hesitation and belted out, “Twinkle, twinkle, Mya and James. How I wonder what you are.”

Another lovely Locust Grove experience. If we’re not careful, this could become a habit…

Locust Grove

Catering by Lola’s Catering

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