9.6.09 Onteora Mountain House Wedding Camilla & Will

Camilla and Will’s ceremony was held on the deck at Onteora Mountain House overlooking the lush Esopus Valley and the  mountains beyond.  They stood between tall pines stretching to the skyline, Will in a black suit and Camilla in an elegant gown with a moss green sash matching her Maid of Honor’s dress.

The Reverend Sharami Kerr told the story of how Will and Camilla met only briefly seventeen years earlier, until destiny, “with help from a race, a glimpse and Google” brought them together again.  Ceremony readings included e.e. cummings and Ranier Marie Rilke.

Camilla and Will were announced officially married, proceeding down the aisle to a song they both loved, “I’m Sailin'” by Mazzy Star.  One of their guests wandered over to the railing, gazed out at the breathtaking view, then slowly backed up and mouthed, “Wow!”

“Wow” pretty much sums up this wedding day.  Camilla and Will included their families in their First Dance to Nina Simone’s “My Baby Just Cares For Me.”  Later on, Motivated guests danced to Michael Jackson, Prince, a hora with the newlyweds on chairs and an interpretive dance to MIA’s “Paper Planes,” striking vogue-like poses.

DETAILS:  The centerpieces were purple, cream and pink flowers.  A slideshow of photos played throughout, displaying pictures of Will and Camilla in their world travels, hiking, climbing and exploring.

The gorgeous view and unbelievable weather with just the hint of autumn coolness made this a spectacular day.  Long live outdoor weddings in the Hudson Valley and congratulations, Will and Cam!

Onteora Mountain House

Ceremony performed by the Reverend Sharami Kerr

Photos by Bob Wallace

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