9.13.08 Grandview Christin & Eric

Christin and Eric

It was our first fall themed wedding at the Grandview. Autumn leaves were strewn across the tables around centerpieces of soft pink and green flowers.

Christin and Eric made their triumphant entry to the wicked guitar of “You Really Got Me” by Van Halen, then danced to “Unbelievable” by Josh Gracin.

Emotional moments filled their day. When Christin danced with her father to “The Impossible Dream,” a song he chose for their special dance, her father wept and clung to her.

Christin and Eric in the garden

The Pastor, “PW” told the story of Narcissus and how he wished that Christin and Eric would see their own beauty reflected in each others’ eyes.

A touch of humor entered the festivities when the Best Man told about Eric’s habit of “collecting” things: 5 cars, 2 boats, 3 trailers, and a motorcycle. And the Maid of Honor wrote a poem about Christin and Eric, noting that knowing Eric, a state trooper, was handy for getting out of a speeding ticket.

Christin and Eric's wedding

It was beautiful, it was autumn, and it was lovely to see two people as in love as Christin and Eric.

Photos: Michael Polito

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