9.14.08 West Park Winery Danielle & Mike

Danielle and Mike had a gorgeous–if sweaty–wedding day. Their ceremony was held on the hill overlooking the valley while the Julie Berman string trio performed hauntingly beautiful Jewish classical pieces for their guests.

SMART IDEA ALERT: The chuppah was well anchored in clay pots filled with rocks and decorated with vines and beautiful flowers by David Anthony. It looked lovely and there was no danger of it being carried away by the wind. (I can’t tell you how many times I see groomsmen holding down the chuppah for the entire ceremony so it doesn’t get wisked away!)

Danielle was stunning her champagne gown. The cantor sang the Seven Blessings over the couple.

Later on in the reception, Danielle and Mike’s three grandmothers stood behind the challah bread and led the blessing together.

As our final Jewish tradition, we started dancing with the Hora. We started–and it didn’t stop! All night long those guests were on the dance floor, heat be damned. Danielle and Mike were overwhelmed with the expressions of love and fun. They rocked, and so did we.

West Park Winery
Photos: Kimberly Wright

Flowers by David Anthony

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