9.20.08 Christo’s Kelly & Eric

Kelly and Eric had their ceremony on the porch at Christo’s, an addition overlooking the lush lawn of the golf course. The bridesmaids were dressed in black, each in a silouette of their own choosing. Kelly was accompanied down the aisle by a bagpiper.

Jeff’s biggest fans during his acoustic guitar performance for cocktail hour were the kids. Dozens of them raced around the dance floor in time with his music. Lori O’Toole captured one of those special moments in this photo…

Kelly and Eric each wrote Love Letters to each other that it was my pleasure to read before their First Dance. Kelly related the moment she knew Eric wanted to marry her, at a café by a canal in Italy, and how she couldn’t believe such a wonderful man wanted to marry her.

Eric told the story of how they met through internet dating…even though they had both grown up in New Paltz and attended the same high school! He listed all the many things Kelly is to him: personal travel agent, sounding board, spunky NYC girl and the most important, his wife. Eric ended his letter, “Psst, Kelly. Stop crying. I know you are.” And sure enough, she was dabbing the tears streaming down her face.

Kelly danced with her brother to “Wild Rover” by the Dubliners, in honor of her Irish heritage. Later on, she embraced the tough task of making a speech about her father who had passed away a few years earlier, shortly after she and Eric had met. “He knew Eric was special, even then,” she said. “And I know he’s smiling down on us today.”

It was an emotional moment, but Kelly balanced her sadness at her father’s absence with the joy and love she felt for all her had given her. The guests recovered quickly, and ended the right with enough dancing (and drinking) for three weddings.


Photos by Lori O’Toole

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