9.26.08 Twin Lakes Miranda & Rob

Miranda and Rob arrived (with their HUGE bridal party of 19!) in a white Rolls Royce at the Twin Lakes. There was such energy in the bridal suite while waiting to be lined up for introductions that the flower girls were bouncing off the walls.

When they finally joined their guests for the reception, the bridal party was cheering like rabid football fans. When Rob ran through the corridor of bodies, his two Best Men slapped his bottom and bellowed.

It was great to see Rob’s Best Man, Chris; we’d played for his wedding almost five years ago at the Twin Lakes! It was the memory of that wedding that brought Miranda and Rob back there to celebrate their own.

The bridesmaids wore nutmeg gowns that matched the yellow and brown of the centerpieces. White and yellow rosebuds in shot glasses decorated the tables, a nice and inexpensive way to spread floral beauty.

I only wish we could have stretched this night for the couple! Their friends danced to old school Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls, and everyone joined in for classic rock and especially Kid Rock’s new song, “All Summer Long.” (Who can resist those samples of “Werewolves of London” and “Sweet Home Alabama?”)

Miranda danced with her grandfather to a song he picked out for her, “You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor. He told me before their dance, “I mean it for her, too. I hope she’ll always be my friend, even when I get old.”

Despite the rain, it was a beautiful day watching the love in Miranda and Rob’s eyes as they ended the night with a dance to Jack Johnson’s “Better Together.”

Twin Lakes

Photos: Max Nucci

Video: Bruce Williams

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