9.27.08 Full Moon Resort Courtney & Erik

Courtney and Erik arrived at the Full Moon Resort in a vintage yellow Volkswagon bug. The weather had cleared, allowing guests to mingle on the front lawn in front of the bed and breakfast, a beautiful renovated farm house.

The tent was decorated simply with cranberry trim and ribbon, candles at each table, allowing the surrounding natural beauty of the Catskills center stage. Black and white wedding photos of Courtney and Erik’s parents and grandparents adorned the gift table, setting a tone of family love and fun that is so much a part of who the couple is.

I can say that with confidence, since this is the THIRD wedding we’ve played for Courtney’s family. For the past three years we’ve had the pleasure of celebrating the wedding of Courtney’s cousin, Steve, (who has a 6 month old now!) and then her sister Meghan. Having three of our special couples in the audience made it extra special for us. Especially since this fam loves to party!

DONATION IDEA: In lieu of favors, Courtney and Erik made donations in their guests’ honor to Heifer, a foundation working to end world hunger. They typed up a cute explanation for each table: “We bought you a llama. Well, not you, actually,” and explained that their donation “buys” a llama that will be given to a family in need; the wool will be used for garments and the offspring for milk and meat.

Courtney and Erik executed a lovely choreographed dance to Michael Buble’s “Everything,” Courtney opening her arms to invite her guests to join for the last minute. This was her party and Courtney glowed with confidence radiance.

A dinner of pork, salmon, roasted vegetables and risotto was served family style, encouraging conversation between the guests.

The party really started after dinner. The guests showed off their moves to the Siege of Ennis which they had learned together at the rehearsal dinner. (Only Courtney and Meghan actually seemed to remember the steps.) It was followed by a bluegrass jig for Courtney’s dad, who wowed us with his fancy footwork. “Suavemente” and some cumbia hits were a nod to the Latin contingent, and everyone enjoyed the diversity among the guests.

The festivities continued at an after party across the street in a cabin identical to the ones in Dirty Dancing, Courtney’s favorite movie, and so attached to her childhood memories of growing up in her parents’ cabin just up the road.

Full Moon Resort

Event Coordinator: Anh Sobo

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