9.7.08 Hillside Manor Audrey & Greg

Audrey and Greg invited their guests to a 1950’s themed wedding, requesting that they come in 50’s formal attire. The guys donned hats, suspenders, and wing tipped shoes; the girls wore polka dotted dresses and circle skirts with crinoline. Audrey wore a vintage 1950’s wedding dress, (she told me the alterations cost more than the dress itself!) and they arrived in classic vintage cars.

Even Jeff and I dressed the part. I found a peach, brown and green speckled wiggle dress and matching shoes, while Jeff wore a skinny tie and jacket, opting for a more rock-and-roll look. (Of course.)

It takes GUTS to pull off a wedding like this. This wasn’t just 50’s themed; it was a recreation of the 50’s.

When guests walked into the Hillside Manor they were directed into the ballroom by a 50’s style diner sign with a blinking arrow announcing Audrey and Greg’s wedding at the “Diner.” They picked up pink and blue place cards adorned with French poodles (for the girls) and vintage toy robots (for the boys) and rubix cube keychain favors. Inside, the room was strung up with blue Chinese lanterns, the linens were pink and the tables were decorated with carboard cutouts of vintage cars stuffed with fuzzy dice.

Audrey wanted this to be an immersive experience for her guests, so she asked us to play nothing but 50’s music all night. Well, there were a few exceptions, but nothing newer than 1963.

Audrey and Greg did an awesome swing dance to their First Dance song, “Oh Boy!” by Buddy Holly.

It was all about the Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, and the Platters. It was doo wop, twist and swing. It was vintage, baby!

Hillside Manor

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