A DJs Hudson Valley Wedding Love Affair

Lori O'Toole Images

Lori O'Toole Images

What makes a Hudson Valley wedding so glorious?

Well, Jeff and I did get married in the Hudson Valley ourselves…but even if we hadn’t, it’s one of the most beautiful places for a wedding in the entire country.  In my humble DJ opinion.

You’ve got mountains in the distance.  Brilliant foliage in the fall.  Historic mansions like the Mills Estate, Locust Grove and Boscobel with unparalleled views and architecture.  And we mustn’t forget the Hudson River itself, dividing the valley on its majestic trip to the sea.  Every time I cross the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, I catch my breathe in awe and count my blessings to be living in such a beautiful spot.

But the allure of Hudson Valley weddings goes beyond the evocative scenery.  It’s the people.  There exists in the Hudson Valley a diversity of culture, race, and interests.  Couples who choose to get married in the Hudson Valley are on the whole open-minded, well-traveled, with broadly ranging interests…and that diverse experience breathes life into their weddings, making it an absolute joy to participate in them.

I’ve seen nature-themed weddings, heart-themed weddings, black and white weddings, dragonfly weddings, weddings that were understated simplicity and weddings that were elaborate feats of elegance.

With a prime Hudson Valley wedding season from April through November, only Orange County, California has a more robust wedding industry.  So what if they’ve got the sunny weather?  We’ve got winter wonderland weddings and autumn foliage.  No comparison.

As a Hudson Valley DJ, I am privileged to work with some of the most dedicated, creative artists at the weddings we attend.  We perform before thousands of people whose tastes in music range from country to reggae to techno and beyond.  My knowledge of music, culture, and religion is stretched each season by the individuality of the couples we work with.

There is no question that the Hudson Valley is a wonderful place to live.  But to be married here?  The pinnacle of a wedding dream.

Why did you choose to get married in the Hudson Valley?  Leave me a comment.

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