Anthony's Pier 9 Wedding Leanne and Chris

11.21.09  Leanne and Chris’ wedding reception at Anthony’s Pier 9 in New Windsor was overflowing with the

Photo by Steph

Photo by Steph

couple’s sweet, romantic personalities. The tremendous amount of thought and care in the planning of their day really showed!

The bridal party was introduced to “I’ll Be There For You” by the Replacements, the theme from Friends, and Leanne and Chris entered to AC/DC’s “Rock ‘N Roll Train.”

THE DETAILS:  The tables were draped in navy blue linen to match the bridesmaids’ dresses and were decorated with blue and white flowers nestled in greenery.  Guests were given favors of personalized Hershey kisses and wedding cake candles.

The junior bridesmaid, Jamie, Leanne’s young niece, gave a speech, taking the microphone without a trace of fear.  She read her words off a piece of paper.  “When Aunt Leanne told me she was marrying Chris, I was so happy! Then she said I would be the junior bridesmaid and I talked forever.”

The speeches culminated with a special surprise gift: a framed photograph of Leanne and Chris together as children (though they didn’t meet until their teen years) created with the magic of Photoshop.

Leanne and Chris challenged us with a unique twist on the centerpiece giveaway.  Each guest filled in their answers to a bride and groom trivia quiz and the person who answered the most questions correctly took home the floral centerpiece.  The real prize was learning how well these guests knew the couple.  From the couple’s first meeting at Dick’s Sporting Goods to their romantic Sunset Beach proposal and Hawaiian honeymoon destination, these guys knew their Leanne and Chris trivia!

It was a treat for Jeff and me to watch Leanne and Chris smiling at each other, surrounded by their loved ones.  Chris’ family had even practiced the Electric Slide just for the occasion!  Nicely done, guys.  I meant what I said about taking you on the road with us. *grin*

Anthony’s Pier 9

Photos by Yerkes Photo

Written by Stephanie Padovani

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