Back From LA Blues


Jeff and I returned from our short trip to LA late Sunday evening.  This is a photo (not taken by me) of LAX at take-off.

Unfortunately, the only Los Angeles sights I visited were the airport, the interior of the Sheraton Gateway Hotel and the slick stones around the outdoor pool during our morning work out as I “spider crawled” around it, boot camp style, in the rain.

Jeff, on the other hand, visited Manhattan Beach…in the rain.  He returned, soggy and deflated.  Great fun, all around.

Despite the dreary, rainy weather in southern California where it’s never supposed to rain, I had a wonderful time.

How is this possible?

I spent two twelve hour days cooped up in a conference room, LEARNING.  I learned how to create valuable information products (like my eBook on How To Plan Your Dream Wedding On A Budget) so that I can help brides really solve their biggest problems.

I learned about radical honesty and how important it is to bring sincerity and authenticity to my business as a Hudson Valley DJ and to my personal life.

And, in the spirit of that radical honesty, I learned how much I don’t know about what my brides are going through.

Sure, I know about the stress and overwhelm of planning a wedding.  I remember the nervousness and excitement myself.  But until I really “get” the challenges, what it means to them, and what they really need, I can’t help them as well as I could.

So I’ve committed myself to really listening to my brides in order to help them with their problems.  I commit myself to putting together the very best products and services to meet their needs…not to tell them what I think they need to know.  There’s enough of that going around, with everybody and their mother (literally) trying to tell brides what they are “supposed” to do.

If you’re willing to help, I’ve got a question for you…

What is YOUR biggest challenge or frustration in planning your wedding? Tell me about it.

I want to know because I am committed to helping you solve it.

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