Bear Mountain Merry Go Round Pavilion Wedding: Kelly and Ryan

1.29.11  Kelly and Ryan’s winter wedding reception at the Bear Mountain Merry GoCarousel KissRound Pavilion was rustic, fun and totally unique, set against the whimsical backdrop of the merry-go-round carousel.  So cool!

(I loved the merry-go-round so much that I’ve decided that Jeff and I should celebrate our 10th anniversary there.  I even took a ride on the turkey!)

Guests enjoyed Jeff’s acoustic guitar playing during cocktail hour, especially some of Kelly’s cousins who listened very closely.

The couple and their bridal party were introduced to “Orange Colored Sky” by Natalie Cole, and then Kelly and Ryan shared a first dance to the beautiful acoustic song, “Waiting for My Real Life to Begin” by Colin Hay.

Beautiful Kelly

Kelly is absolutely adorable to begin with, but she looked amazing at the wedding!  She wore her hair down in saves, and her wedding dress had a touch of 60’s inspiration, including a white belt and rhinestone buckle.

The Details

The tables were decorated with candles, pine tree branches and pine cones, and setDancing on the Pavilionwith stunning gold plates.  Candles and pine swags lined the sides of the fireplace and the table where guests picked up their hand-burned birch “place cards.”

The merry-go-round set up a tone of fun from the start.  Kids rode round and round throughout the night.  (And grown-ups did, too!)

The Best Man shared the story of how Ryan had carefully planned his proposal to Kelly on their trip to Italy.  However, the one thing Ryan couldn’t plan for—the Icelandic volcano—prevented their European travel.  As fate would have it, the postponed trip actually led to their discovery of Bear Mountain.

One of my favorite moments was watching Kelly and Ryan share a dance in the fire pit to “Save Me, San Francisco,” by Train.  So fun and so fun to watch!

Newlyweds by the Fire

This was an amazing location and an unbelievable party.  Thanks so much for inviting us!

Bear Mountain Inn

Photos by Todd Marti *Photos in this blog post courtesy of Todd Marti.

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