Best of Hudson Valley Weddings 2008: Father and Daughter Dance

I didn’t have a dance with my father at my wedding.  Since it was rather non-traditional (Jeff and I had our dance on the backyard patio just after the ceremony) we decided to skip the formalities.

But now, years later, I wish I’d had that dance with him.  I know just what song I’d pick: “Daddy’s Home” by Shep and the Limelites, the song Dad sang when he came home from work every night when I was a little girl.

Maybe I can sneak in a dance with my dad when we renew our vows someday…

The father and daughter dance is a special moment, and one I recommend (from hard earned experience) that you take advantage of.  I mean, how many times will you dance with your father in your lifetime?

If you don’t have a song that reminds you of your dad, try these on for size.

My Favorite Father and Daughter Dance Songs of 2008…

“Daddy” by Kendall Payne – This one is a definite tear-jerker.  A sweeter than honey voice with heart-felt delivery and piano accompaniment.  Great lyrics!

“Daughter” by Loudon Wainwright III – A bit more light hearted, but still a sweet and true bluegrass tune.  Sung from a devoted father’s point of view.

“My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw – This one’s not exactly an unknown, but it still makes my list of favorites.  Country fave Tim McGraw sings straight from the heart, there’s no denying.  It gets me every time.

Have you found the perfect father and daughter dance song?  Leave me a comment.

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